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August 19, 2020
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September 11, 2020

Singlet Plastic Bag Manufacturer Malaysia | HAIN Packaging

Singlet Plastic Bag Manufacturer Malaysia

Singlet Plastic Bag Manufacturer Malaysia

Singlet Plastic Bags Manufacturer Malaysia

Singlet Plastic Bags Manufacturer Malaysia, HAIN® Packaging produces a wide range of Singlet Plastic Bags. Today, HAIN® Packaging shares with you the future trends of Singlet Plastic Bags in Malaysia:

Singlet Plastic Bag, people also call it as T-Shirt Plastic Bag, which is a type of common plastic bag that has its name because it looks like a singlet. The singlet plastic bag has a wide range of uses. It has become a necessity in our daily life, providing great convenience to people, meanwhile it also causes environmental pollution. For this reason, Malaysia promulgated a “plastic ban”, Singlet Plastic Bag.

Scope of use: First, supermarkets and large shopping malls are generally divided into three sizes: large, medium, and small. At the same time, the printed tear-off bags always have beautiful patterns and characters. The logo of the chain stores is required to be consistent and shall be printed in a high quality, and they require environmentally friendly materials. Second, the community convenience store, the quality requirements are also higher, but they use small quantities compared to above, they also print their brand logo, there are also some shops use non-printed recycled Singlet Plastic Bag, and some are not environmentally friendly, so it is not recommended. Third, the fresh market, they also use Singlet Plastic Bag, which is in red, black, and white, but most of them are not environmentally friendly.

HAIN® Packaging will always serve every customer with the best quality plastic bag products. Welcome to visit us and look forward to cooperating with you.

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