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September 24, 2019
Center Seal Bag laminated food packaging
Food Packaging Material – How To Choose ?
November 16, 2019

Laminated Food Packaging | HAIN® Packaging

Stand Up Pouch laminated food packaging
Stand Up Pouch

Food packaging generally requires laminated food packaging. The laminated bag has excellent barrier properties, excellent resistance to pasteurization and refrigeration. And because of this, it has been the first choice for food packaging. The laminated bag can be used for food packaging of various type of food. This include items like cookies, dry fish, cooked food, frozen food, jelly, fresh milk, beverages, jams, powdered milk, candy, powdery food packaging bags and many more.

Center Seal Bag laminated food packaging
Center Seal Bag

Food packaging bags are generally printed using Copper Cylinder for Rotogravure Printing. Printing in the middle layer means that the ink is printed in the middle of the inter-layer of two layers of material. In other words, as long as the film in the inner layer is not destroyed, in general, our food and hands cannot touch the ink. This is obviously very safe for the safety of food packaging. This is actually one of the benefits of multi-layer laminated bags.

Flat Bottom Bag laminated food packaging
Coffee Bag

Laminated food packaging bags have so many advantages. That is why many food manufacturers choose laminated packaging as the main packaging materials!

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