HAIN® Packaging is one of the leading food plastic packaging supplier Malaysia, also as food plastic packaging manufacturer Malaysia. We supply different types of food plastic packaging. Laminated food packaging usually include frozen food packaging, laminated coffee packaging, stand up pouch packaging with zipper and vacuum packaging. We provide custom made size and logo printing services.

How to choose food plastic packaging supplier Malaysia?

First is to identify the material and types of food plastic packaging you need. Food plastic packaging companies must find out what materials they need for their food packaging. Due to the lack of professional knowledge on packaging material, they always chasing for low price. Therefore many of them ended up with low quality packaging. They should always look for professional food plastic packaging supplier Malaysia for further information.

Second, Customize food plastic packaging for your food products. Professional food plastic packaging supplier Malaysia should always assist clients select suitable packaging materials, as well as processing techniques according to the packaging needs. It can help to avoid unnecessary costs for clients.

Take the keropok Lekor bag as an example. Many keropok Lekor manufacturers now are required to use vacuum plastic packaging, which is presentable and fresh. Some companies have chosen laminated bags or PE bags,because of the low cost. But in fact, the nylon material (vacuum packaging) costs almost the same as laminated packaging.

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