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Ziplock Bag Supplier Malaysia | HAIN® Packaging
April 13, 2019
Pembekal Beg Plastik Bercetak
April 19, 2019

Plastic Bag Supplier Malaysia | Plastic Packaging | HAIN ® Packaging

HAIN Packaging HQ office

HAIN Packaging HQ office

HAIN Packaging is an experienced and trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging. HAIN Packaging founded in 2008 Malaysia. After the 13 years of continuous growth and development, our customer groups & market shares in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei have tremendously increased.

HAIN Packaging HQ office
HAIN Packaging HQ office @ Menara PjH, Putrajaya

During the past 13 years, we have made our products and service more diversified. First, we produce and supply LDPE/HDPE punch bags/handle straps/sack bags (shopping bags), and then we started to produce and supply OPP self-adhesive bags and ziplock bags, to laminated food packaging and courier mailing bags.

plastic bag supplier malaysia
plastic bag supplier malaysia

We have used our valuable experience and packaging expertise to provide high-quality and competitive price packaging bag services to more than 3000 Malaysian SMEs. Our customers come from various industries, including the retail industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and more. We look forward to be the top international plastic bag manufacturer and supplier for domestic and foreign consumers.

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