Printing Plastic Packaging Bag Malaysia | HAIN® Packaging
December 3, 2019
Singlet Plastic Bag Manufacturer Malaysia
Singlet Plastic Bag Manufacturer Malaysia | HAIN Packaging
August 20, 2020

Laminated PET FOOD PACKAGING Supplier Malaysia

cat food packaging

cat food packaging

Pet Food Packaging Supplier Malaysia | Laminated PET FOOD PACKAGING Company Malaysia

HAIN Packaging is a leading pet food packaging supplier and pet food manufacturer in Malaysia. HAIN Packaging produces pet food packaging with premium quality. For example, cat food packaging, dog treats packaging, fish food packaging, and birdseed packaging.

cat food packaging
cat food packaging

HAIN Packaging – Pet Food Packaging Supplier offer customized pet food packaging sizes from 200g up to 20Kg. We believe that every pet product should package in a way that works perfectly and looks good. Our premium laminated pet food packaging will protect your product from moisture, vapor, odor, and puncture.

cat food packaging
Cat Food Packaging

At HAIN Packaging, the pet food packaging manufacturer. We provide you with our various pet food packaging samples as your references, so that you can get a better idea for your packaging types and materials. Furthermore, our experienced sales executives will advise you on the best packaging style and design for your pet food products. With our premium pet food packaging, it will protect your pet food flavor and aroma, furthermore, it will help your pet food packaging attractive on the display rack.

pet food packaging supplier
Dog Food Packaging

Below are the commonly used pet food packaging types: 3-Side-Sealed Bag; 4-Side-Sealed Bag; Stand Pouch with Ziplock; Stand Pouch with Spout; Flat-Bottom Bag (8 Side Seal Bag).

pet food packaging supplier
Side Gusset Packaging

The laminated pet food packaging used materials are: PET/AL/LLDPE (Foil); PET/VMPET/LLDPE (Metalised); PET/Kraft/LLDPE; PET/LLDPE

pet food packaging supplier
Laminated Film Roll

We provide up to 10 colors printing on the pet food packaging, on high-quality film, metalized, and foil structures.

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