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November 16, 2019
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November 26, 2019

Packaging Factory – MOQ for food packaging ?

Stand Up Pouch laminated food packaging

Packaging Factory – What is the approximate quantity of food packaging bags?

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Some purchases ask packaging factory the moq for food packaging, and they will feel that the order quantity is too high and does not understand why. Especially for some food packaging factory that are just starting, it is difficult to accept high order quantities. According to my own experience, a sales person from packaging factory explained the reason why the flexible packaging bag has a high order quantity.

 Why is the MOQ so high?

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  1. The price of the copper cylinder is expensive

 Printed food packaging is a gravure printing and requires a copper cylinder, which we commonly call a cylinder. The copper cylinder fee is relatively expensive. Depends on the complexity of the laminated bag pattern. One color range from RM 450 to RM 1000. For example, to print a bag with 6 colors, each color copper cylinder costs RM 800, you need to pay RM 800*6=RM 4800.

  1. The amount of ordering depends on the length of the film

 The order quantity of the food packaging bag is calculated according to the length of a roll of material. The general length of the material on the market is between 8,000 and 12,000 meters. For example, a vacuum bag is made of PA/PE, the specification is 25*18mm, and the volume of PA material is 6000 meters per roll, the order quantity will be 6000/0.18=33333 pcs. For the automatic packaging laminated film roll, the order quantity is generally 300~500 kg.

  1. If you can’t get the order quantity, the packaging factory will basically lose money!

 For the food packaging factory, if the MOQ is not reached, they will lose money in many cases, because the amount is small, the copper cylinder is changed, the shaft is changed, the ink is changed, and the color proofing is performed. It takes about 5-7 hours, if one roll material is not finished, the chance of not be able to cover cost is likely to be more than 50%, which is unacceptable to any food packaging factory.

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