Pouch Bag Malaysia
Pouch Bag Malaysia
December 23, 2020
January 12, 2021

Common Questions Regarding Custom Packaging

undefinedPlease pay attention to: size, internal usable space, bag making method, hanging holes, vent holes, edge size, and other details, once confirmed, will arrange production. Size will have +- 1-2 mm deviation, if the required size is very accurate, please let us know.

undefinedAbout the color difference 

between the actual printing effect and computer screen display there is a color difference. Picture in the computer screen is RGB color mode display, the color is brighter, and the printed color mode is CMYK, color mode is different, a little color is normal, and the printed color will be affected by the strength of the paper and light source. So the actual printing effect and computer screen display effect will have a slightly color difference 

for example:

undefinedThe same file different batches of printing will also have chromosomes.  

In the printing process, ink drying speed will be affected by the temperature, humidity and other surrounding environment, so different batches of printing will be different due to different time periods in the printing workshop, environment changes, furthermore due to the use of cylinder printing, the same artwork might be slightly different.

 for example: 


          first batch printing                     second batch printing 

undefinedThe quantity 

Bag producing processes include:  blow molding – cylinder making – printing – composite – drying – bag – finished product – quality inspection – packaging – out for delivery. For example, you order 100,000pcs bags, we need to prepare 110,000pcs material production, production process, printing waste, cut bag waste a little bit, compound and waste a little bit, quality inspection will be a little less, the last package, so the actual quantity is very difficult to control, can not make it 100% accurate, the specific deviation refers to the following range data.

  • 10,000 PCS: +- 40% 
  • 20,000 PCS: +- 20% 
  • 30,000 PCS: +- 10% 
  • 50,000 PCS – 100,000 PCS: +- 5% 
  • 300,000 PCS: +- 3% 

undefinedAbout the lead time 

Unprinted custom order products about 4-5 weeks 

printing products delivery period of about 5-7 weeks

note: if encountered in particular urgency, because production sometimes encountered power outages, machines trouble shoots, or any other issue which is out of our control, your order might be further delayed by a few days.

undefinedAbout compensation

Only condition as listed below can request for compensation

  1. Bag is broken 
  2. The printed content is different from final preview 
  3. Size different from final confirmation. 
  4. Color printing (e.g., errors such as red printing black) 
  5. Material differnet.
  6. Different type of packaging 

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