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November 16, 2019
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December 3, 2019

Aluminum Foil Bag – What are the characteristics and advantages?

aluminum foil bag

Aluminum Foil Bag – What are the characteristics and advantages?

Aluminum foil bags are very common in plastic packaging bags. Aluminum foil bags have many advantages when filling and preserving food products. Here are some features and advantages of aluminum foil bags.

Aluminum foil bag features: 

  1. Strong air barrier, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof.
  2. Strong mechanical properties, high anti-blasting performance, strong puncture and tear resistance.
  3. High temperature resistance (121 ° C), low temperature resistance (-50 ° C), good oil resistance and good aroma retention performance.
  4. Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and pharmaceutical packaging hygiene standards.
  5. Good heat-sealing performance, softness and high barrier property.

 Aluminum foil bag advantage: 

  1. Shelf maintenance: The shelf can separate food from oxygen, water vapor, stains, etc. Leakage prevention is also a demand element of packaging design. Some packages include a desiccant or a deoxidizer to extend the shelf life. Vacuum packaging or air drawn into the bag is also the primary food packaging method. Keeping the food clean during the warranty period, novelty and safety are the primary functions of the package.
  2. Physical maintenance: The food stored in the bag needs to prevent extrusion, impact, vibration, temperature difference and so on.
  3. Encapsulate or load the same package: Small items of the same variety are packed into a package and are a good way to throttle the volume. Powders and granular objects need to be packaged.
  4. Communicate information: Packaging and labeling inform people how to use packaging, food, take over or dispose of it.
  5. Safety: Packaging can carry out the main effects in reducing the risk of transportation safety. The bag also prevents food from returning to other items. Food packaging can also reduce the ability of food to be stolen. Some food packages are very strong and have anti-counterfeiting labels, the effect is to protect the merchant’s benefits from damage. The bag can have laser logo, special color, SMS authentication and other labels. In order to prevent theft, other retailers put electronic monitoring labels on food packaging bags, and consumers wait for the outlets of the stores to degauss.
  6. Marketing: Marketing often uses box labels to encourage potential buyers to purchase goods. Packaging design has been a scene of insignificance and change from time to time for decades. Marketing communication and graphic design are used in the outer box and the highlights of the sale (for some reason).
  7. Easy to use: Packaging can be easily added, loaded, unloaded, stacked, displayed, sold, opened, reloaded, applied and reapplied.

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